The Sky Is The Limit Basketball


The Sky Is The Limit Basketball was founded in 2001 by Adonis Burton, a former All-American at St. Jude High School in Alabama. He was later recruited by over 100 Division 1 college programs and enjoyed successful careers at Auburn University and Georgia Southern University. Adonis also played professionally in Peru, New Zealand, France, and with the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He earned Most Valuable Player honors in Peru, Co-MVP honors in New Zealand, and made the All-Star Team in France. As the Founder and Training Coordinator, Coach Burton believes that his experience as a former collegiate and professional athlete is the perfect platform to teach youth the fundamentals and advanced skills they need to be competitive. The youth who participate in our program have a huge advantage because they are learning skills on a higher level under the guidance and tutelage of professional and skilled athletes.

One of the professional athletes who happens to be a proud sponsor of The Sky Is The Limit basketball is Mr. Earvin "Magic” Johnson. His support has allowed us to expand our impact and further meet the needs of our youth. Mr. Johnson can identify with our desire to make sure our youth have every opportunity to be a part of something special and rewarding, and understands that our level of commitment to impact the lives of our youth has no bounds. We believe our partnership with Mr. Johnson and Magic Johnson Enterprises will continue to propel The Sky Is The Limit Basketball to new heights.


Training: The purpose of the basketball training program is to prepare players for various try-outs, refine their current skills, and increase their basketball knowledge, while helping them transition and apply those skills on the court. Our program has been highly successful because we have the high level expertise and on-court playing experience to teach the fundamentals and advanced basketball skills they need to be competitive. Our program also helps improve speed, agility (footwork) and conditioning. The program is held from October to March on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The duration of our program allows us to accurately track each player’s progress, and it gives the player ample time to improve under the guidance and tutelage of professional and skilled athletes.

Camps: The purpose of our camps is to teach the fundamentals and advanced basketball skills, while promoting the importance of teamwork, maintaining a positive attitude, and academic excellence. Our campers are ages 5 to 17 and are broken up based on age and skill level. The camps consist of skill development, instructional video sessions, speed, agility, and conditioning, academic enrichment, and full court scrimmage games. Catered lunches are also provided. The camps are held year-round and are scheduled based on the Cobb County School's calendar. Pre-registration is required for all camps and training sessions.

For more information about this program please visit their website at: OR email Adonis Burton – President/Program Director here.