Financial Planning

Sick of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to create margin in your personal finances? Do you feel overwhelmed by debt? The TC Personal Finance Ministry exists to help you accomplish far more than you ever thought possible with your personal finances. Take your first step towards Financial Freedom today!

TC Financial Planning will help people from struggling to surplus through:

  1. An understanding that God owns it all.
  2. Redefining stewardship.
  3. Cultivating generosity.

Regardless of your current financial situation, TC Personal Finance will position you to accomplish far more than you ever thought possible with your personal finances. Our Personal Finance Team offers FREE, one–on–one financial coaching that helps you gain control of your finances. Learn Biblically–based money management techniques designed to give you practical assistance to:

  1. Create a budget that works
  2. Calculate your debt free date
  3. Learn how to save money
  4. Learn how to invest money
  5. Learn how to reduce spending
  6. Learn how to budget with your spouse

Financial Coaching is available by appointment only. Schedule an appointment today by emailing us here.

We are passionate about this because we believe that when people are financially free, they are much more likely to go do EXACTLY what they have been put on this earth to do - regardless of the income potential.

Get started budgeting

1. Gather your paperwork

Stuff like pay stubs, utility, credit card or medical bills, loans, receipts, and personal expenses like cell phones and entertainment.

2. Set a budget date

Plan a time with your spouse (if applicable) in a distraction-free environment to tackle your budget together. Bring a calculator!

3. Fill out the budget form

Download a budget form of your choice:

Weekly Monthly