Giving FAQs

Got questions about giving? We've got answers!

Cash: Cash, Check, Card

Regular giving can be done by cash, check or card. You can give in service, by mail, online or on your smartphone (securegive app - choose Trinity Chapel as home church). We encourage you to automate the important in your life by setting up recurring giving based on your pay schedule or a monthly basis. You can do this online here or through your banks online bill pay service.

Marketable Securities: Transfer of Ownership of Stock, Bonds, or Mutual Fund Shares

Marketable Securities are a great way to maximize your giving, because you receive an immediate income tax deduction for the full fair market value of your securities. In addition, you pay no capital gains tax on the difference between your costs and the fair market value.

Life Insurance: Name Trinity Chapel as Beneficiary or Co-Beneficiary of your policy

Listing Trinity Chapel as the beneficiary or co-beneficiary to insurance policies will ensure your generosity lives on even in your death. You can also transfer a current life insurance policy Trinity Chapel for the cash surrender value resulting in an immediate income tax deduction, or to be kept and utilized as a death benefit later.

Planned Gifts: Retirement Assets, Bequests, Trust, Etc

If you have planned in advance to give as part of your overall personal financial strategy, we recommend that you discuss this with your financial and/or tax advisor.

There are several types of gifts that fall under this category that are simple beneficiary changes and do not require any communication to us.

    IRA, 401k, 503b, Other qualified retirement plans: List Trinity Chapel as beneficiary or co-beneficiary upon death. Any amounts transferred will be free of income and estate tax.

    Bequests: By naming Trinity Chapel as beneficiary/co-beneficiary, your estate will receive an income tax deduction for the value of your bequest. Bequest can be written as a percentage or a single amount.

Other Non-Cash Gifts: Donate items like vehicles, boats, jewelry, etc.

90% of the world's wealth are held in assets, not cash. That means that most of your giving capacity is tied up in your "stuff", not your checkbook. Simply donate your "stuff" and we will turn it into cash resulting in expanded ministries for the church and a tax deductible donation for you.

If you are interested in any of these types of giving, please contact us at .