Push 1 Volleyball Club


Push 1 VBC

Push 1 VBC was created in November 2010 to give girls an opportunity to learn, develop, and compete in the sport of volleyball regardless of economic status. Push 1 focuses on providing volleyball skill development and training as well as mentorship and guidance pertaining to everyday life skills including player aspirations (i.e. continuing education beyond high school).

Push 1 VBC starts were the player is. Regardless if you are a beginner or experienced player, our diverse coaching staff and styles, can help you take your volleyball game to a higher level. Push 1 is known for being family oriented partnering with parents to help maximize their player’s experience. Coaches work with players and parents to establish a baseline measurement for the player’s skill and season goals. We conduct a three part evaluation throughout the season to gage player improvement and goal attainment. Sound coaching and hard work will get your player to the next level.

Cost: Small Group Skills training sessions are $15 per session.

Push 1 VBC practices are held on Sundays from 3p – 9p and Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm in the Trinity Life Center gymnasium. Small Group Skills Training sessions are held from 6p – 7p. Pre-registration is required. Visit our website to register at: www.push1VBC.com

For more information about Push 1 VBC contact Chy Thompson – Director by emailing her here.