School of the heARTS


School of the HeARTS (Music and Film Classes)

It’s time to take your talent and your next project’s production quality to the next level. School of the heARTS offers Performing Arts (Acting), Music Production, Recording Studio and TV/Film Classes and Professional Production Services.

Students enrolled in our classes will learn the latest techniques and technology for acting, script writing, audio recording, music production and TV/film post-production. Participants will also explore writing original screen plays, recording original songs, audio books, TV commercials, music videos, short films and video editing for TV/Film using professional industry standard equipment and software such as:

• Protools HD/LE Recording Studio Systems • Red Epic 5K Digital Cinema Camera Operations • Canon 5D Mark II DSLR Camera and Prime Lens Operations • Autodesk Smoke, Adobe Premiere, Avid & Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software • Neko XXL Keyboard / Studio Music Workstations • Reasons & Fruity Loops Music Production Software. • Final Draft, Movie Magic & Celtx Script Writing Software • And Others...

This software combined with various Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) are used by some of the top recording engineers and music producers in the world. TV/Film editors, post production and recording studios use these industry standard platforms to produce hit records, sound-tracks and major blockbuster movies.

After-School Classes (5pm - 7pm) - $99 per week / Evening Classes (7pm -9pm) - $30 per day / Saturday Classes (Morning, Afternoon or Evening Session) - $199 per month

For class enrollment and production services contact: Rufus Morris at (678) 888-1930 or e-mail him here.. You can also visit their website for more information.